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Tie Dyed Cupcakes


Tie Dyed Cupcakes

You can use regular white cake mix from a box or you can make the batter from scratch. The tricky part┬áhappens once you’re ready to color the batter. Simply get your food coloring ready and separate the batter into as many different bowls as you have colors. For mine I did red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

I even used brightly colored cupcake liners…there’s nothing wrong with bursts of color ­čÖé

┬áTo create the tie dye effect, scoop a small amount of each color into your cupcake liners. It doesn’t matter if the colors mush into each other, that’s actually better!

After they’re done baking you will see all the bright colors in the baked cupcakes.

Now all you have to do is let them cool and you can frost them. For these I had neon blue food coloring that I mixed into white frosting. It created such a bright blue color and I loved it! Then I dipped the tops into my bowl of sprinkles, allowing the sprinkles to stick to the top and letting the blue frosting frame the sprinkles.