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Smith Fun Night “E”dition


This Smith Night took place in January 2012. It ended up being another snowy night, no surprise there, considering the past few parties have gotten snow (including the October snowstorm)! We should start forecasting the weather each time we plan a party…hmm…anyway. We had 2 of our favorite couples over; Kim and Frank and Chris and Amanda. The only gripe I had was that cellphones were everywhere! I’m going to have to instate a new “No cell phone” rule. Be with the people who are in your company please 🙂 Here’s the lineup:

Egg Salad Sandwiches
Easy Taco Dip (recipe in a future post)
Egg Noodle Lasagna
Elegant Raspberry Bars
Eggnog Thumbprint Cookies
Enchiladas (courtesy of Kim)
Eclairs (courtesy of Kim)

We watched Edward Scissorhands…have you seen it? It’s an amazing movie from when I was younger. Johnny Depp in another classicly strange roll. We played MadGab for the first time as a group and it was hilarious. Girls vs. Guys and the girls totally rocked! If you’ve never played MadGab it’s basically phrases and famous names rewritten in different words and you have to guess the real phrase/name. For example: “”Eye Mull of Musheen” = “I’m a love machine”. It’s so much fun!