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Gummy Bear Cupcakes


I was presented with the challenge of baking Gummy Bear Cupcakes…and the challenge was to bake them without the bears melting in the middle. I made the first batch by inserting the bear in the batter of each cupcake. That didn’t work. They melted into colorful blobs (the green at the bottom of the cupcake).

Melted Gummy Bears

For the second batch I baked the cupcakes regularly and then used my vegetable parer to carve out a little hole and insert the gummy bears (the cute yellow bear sitting on top of the melted blob above). I figured that was the sneaky way to avoid melting them. It turns out that it wasn’t the “correct” way. The person who challenged me said that you have to freeze the gummy bears over night. When it comes time to bake the cupcakes, fill your liners halfway. Bake for half the time called for on the box. Insert a gummy bear in each cupcake and cover with a little more batter, baking the remaining time that your recipe calls for. I’m still skeptical about this method…and considering I’m not a big fan of gummy bears, am not willing to use another batch of cupcakes to test the theory 😛 I’ll stick with inserting the bears after the cupcakes bake. That way they still look cute when you bite into them!!! And you can finish them off with some gummy bears on top of the frosting.

Frosted Gummy Bears