Hello! My name is Becky Smith and I am a baker, cook, scrapbooker, photographer, geocacher, dancer, singer, teacher, and shoe-a-holic. Maybe you can relate? My passion for baking really took off in 2010, after I got married to the love of my life, Brendan. I decided that I wanted to make sure that my friends and I got together on a regular basis. And so the idea for Smith Fun Nights was born. Each month (or thereabouts) Brendan and I host a party based around a letter of the alphabet. We let a different friend pick from our little green bowl of letter cards (yes I wrote and cut them up myself…that’s the teacher in me). After the letter is chosen, I pour through all of my cookbooks and recipes and come up with a menu based on the chosen letter. Everything that is cooked or baked revolves around that specific letter. The beverages start with the letter, entertainment is also based on the letter. Get the picture? I attempt to try new recipes with every party that is hosted and I find that it makes life more interesting 🙂

I also like to follow different cupcake blogs and baking/cooking sites, which I will mention throughout my posts. Who doesn’t love cupcakes?! Most of my treats will get packaged up and distributed to my coworkers and friends, and yours truly usually eats the rest, with dear hubby “forced” to try a sample of everything. I do love him so. Even if most of those attempts are to put some more meat on his body ❤

I hope that you will enjoy The Optimistic Baker 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much!! I also love the concept behind your blog. I am a kid at heart and have many memories of Disney, including getting engaged and honeymooning there! I am very interested in reading your past posts as well, along with learning about other things to do in Florida.

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