Golfer “Hole in One” Cake


For my hubby’s birthday last year I decided to surprise him and make a golf inspired cake. I think I saw this idea originally on pinterest, and it was a lot of fun to make. All you have to do to start is bake a chocolate rectangular shaped cake. For the frosting, tint your vanilla or cream cheese frosting green, whichever shade of green you desire for “grass”. To best get the grass effect, spread on a thin layer of frosting over the entire cake first. It will give your piping something to stick on to. I do not have a “grass” frosting tip, so I used the one that could best resemble grass. It was actually a lot of fun piping rows and rows of the frosting grass, and I loved the way that it looked! Next, use a round glass to cut out the “hole” for the hole in one. Just press your glass upside down into the cake and it will give you a circular cutout. Feel free to eat the part of the cake that you need to remove 😉 To finish it all off, insert one clean golf ball and voila! You have a hole in one! 🙂

Golf cake

Hole in One cake


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